Leather and Hide Tanning


Skunks n' Roses is both a micro-tannery, as well as a maker of homemade leather goods based in Mi'kma'ki (Dartmouth and Dingwall, Nova Scotia). The majority of leatherwork designs are primarily handcrafted with hides gleaned locally, and naturally hand-tanned personally by Laura, or purchased small-batch bark-tanned leather.  Other materials include vegetable-tanned and thrifted leather.

Types of leather found in Skunks n' Roses:

1. Chiapas bark-tanned in small batches: Cattle and Pelibüey sheep (sheep with hair not wool). Sourced and purchased in person by Laura from a local farmer who bark-tans his own hides after selling meat to local markets. These hides were worked on personally by Laura and her teacher Romeo prior to bringing them home to Canada.


2. Gleaned hides, tanned personally by Laura- Gleaned personally via road kill, purchases and trades with local farmers, hunters, fishers, and sustainable "tip-to-tail" trappers in Mi'kma'ki. Includes fish, deer, sheep, goat, racoon, beaver, rabbit, fish, muskrat, cattle, and other roadkill and gleaned hides.

A note on “vegan leather":  Vegan leather is often a green-washing term actually referring to a plastic material, formally known as pleather, and typically made from PVC or polyurethane.